Rena Kato is a Japanese Calligrapher with over 20 years experience.

Rena Kato


Rena Kato is a Japanese Calligrapher with over 20 years experience. She holds a master‘s license from The Masumi Shodo-Kai Calligraphy Association in Japan, and practices "Kai(楷)-Gyo(行)-Sou(草)". 

International Calligraphy Experience
- Calligraphy demonstration at Japanese Gallery in London
- Calligraphy demonstration at Kimono shop in Dietzenbach, Germany
- Calligraphy workshop at Main Matsuri (festival) in Frankfurt am Main
- Calligraphy booth for DENSO at IAA in Frankfurt am Main
- Calligraphy workshop for TAKEDA Pharmacy Seminar  
-  Calligraphy Performance at Main Christmas Market in Frankfurt am Main 
-  Calligraphy Workshop for kids at
Nippon Connection (film festival)
-  Live Calligraphy Performance at Main Matsuri
-   Calligraphy Workshop at Cherry Blossom Day  in Offenbach
- Calligraphy Workshop/Order made art stand at Doki Doki shop, Offenbach, Germany
- Calligraphy Workshop at Cherry Blossom Day in Offenbach


  • Japanese Calligraphy demonstrations at events,festivals and trade fairs
  • Card creation, hanging scrolls, T-shirts etc  
  • Conducting Japanese Calligraphy workshops

Portrait of your pets

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Calligraphy Class 

This is a Japanese Calligraphy class, which enables you to learn basic Japanese with the correct form, the order of the brushstrokes, as well as the meaning behind it. By taking this class, you can learn not only Japanese, but also this beautiful Japanese traditional culture.

Practicing calligraphy improves sense of balance and concentration. It could be said to be a practice in mindfulness.

Have plenty of blank paper (A4 will do), a brush and ink if you have those at home.

If you do not have any of those, you can simply practice in a notebook with your pen (the thicker the better).

English will be used as the main language during this class.